Market Intelligence Studies

Engage your target audience with custom content from Internet Retailer

IR Market Intelligence Studies are backed by our authoritative research data — data that has set the competitive benchmarks propelling the e-commerce industry forward for more than a decade.

  • Thousands of retailers tracked in the U.S. and globally
  • Hundreds of metrics per retailer that span financial, operations, marketing, and shopper demographics
  • More than a decade of data that tracks the growth and changes in the e-commerce industry

About Internet Retailer

Internet Retailer® is the most recognized publishing group on e-commerce business intelligence. Through multiple digital and online products, as well as exclusive print publications, we deliver strategic and tactical business information on e-commerce and e-retailing to e-commerce and marketing executives every month.

Did you know?

Depth of data

Internet Retailer has collected over 500,000 critical data points on over 3,500 retailers since 2003. There is no other company with our depth of data on the global e-commerce retail market.

Research team

Internet Retailer has a custom research team that has worked with numerous companies like yours providing competitive analysis, new market research, and strategic intelligence.

Critical e-commerce data

Internet Retailer® provides corporate wide licenses to our databases, ideal for larger organizations who want to allow their research, sales, management, and marketing teams to all have access to critical e-commerce data.

“Only Internet Retailer had the depth and understanding of e-commerce data we needed to complete a high-priority project.”

— Fortune 100 Wall Street Investment Banker

Custom Research and Data Studies

Examine the e-commerce retail marketplace through objective intelligence from data you can’t get anywhere else

Data Studies

Compare retailers and vendors across metrics of your own choosing to find key differences that drive results.

Strategic Intelligence

Industry perspective based on our proprietary data and analysis with additional insights from a wide variety of industry sources and custom surveys on the issues and topics you choose.

Metrics Report

Just the numbers! Select the metrics you need for your own analysis and e-commerce business needs.

Thought Leadership

Engage your target audience with custom content from Internet Retailer, a source readers trust. Our exclusive research and analysis led by our professional editorial and design team create compelling materials that you own to enhance your business.

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Exclusive Industry Access Provides Unique Insights

Objective benchmarks Validate and communicate your market position to stakeholders with objective data from an experienced research partner: Internet Retailer.

Explore opportunities for growth Whether it’s domestic or global market expansion plans or M&A needs, we will identity the trends, growth drivers, and partnerships to capitalize on the new opportunity.

E-commerce technology use and services analysis Identify how leading e-retailers are using and or adding new e-commerce technology partners to improve their business.

Make better investment decisions Research and conduct due diligence for M&A, IPO, and portfolio development. Identify market disruptors, niches, and areas of market consolidation.

Understand the global retail e-commerce market with greater clarity Identify online retail opportunities and challenges around the world; see how competitors spend their budgets or evaluate technology and solution providers.

Sample Custom Research Reports

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