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Internet Retailer Magazine

Internet Retailer Magazine®

The No. 1 Publication for e-commerce executives about Global E-Commerce Coverage and latest topics.

IR Tech Focus Reports

IR Tech Focus Reports

Tech Focus Reports deliver thought leadership, extended exposure and leads via online presence and e-newsletters.

Special Digital Editions

Special Digital Editions

Internet Retailer will publish 12 issues in 2018 with 5 being exclusive topic focused digital issues.

Focus on IRCE

Focus on IRCE

Leverage your investment around IRCE with advertising exposure that spans before, during and after the conference.

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Topic Focused

Internet Retailer® Magazine Special Editions are exclusive topic focused digital issues. Each publication delivers thought leadership, extended exposure and leads via online presence and e-newsletters.

The Future Of Online Retail Technology JANUARY
E-commerce technology is advancing daily, fueled by fierce competition and venture capital funding. This special report will highlight the latest advances in managing and making use of big data, putting artificial intelligence to use in retail, voice-activated systems, virtual reality and other hot tech topics.
10 Retail Technologies Transforming E-commerce Today APRIL

This special issue will highlight 10 tech innovations retailers and brands, from start-ups to long-established stalwarts, have successfully implemented. It will describe how retailers evaluated tech alternatives, vetted vendors, created project teams and worked with internal and external resources to pull off initiatives that boosted online and cross-channel sales. And it will look at some of the new technologies retailers are examining today.

Technology Innovations In E-Retailing July
This special digital edition of Internet Retailer will look at the advanced technologies and services vendors are developing for e-retailers to use so e-retailers have an edge on the competition. For example, it will look at big data services that apply artificial intelligence to advance interactions with consumers, software to build virtual reality environments and more. It also will include the results of a consumer survey on technology adoption patterns.
The Internet Retailer Hot 100 NOVEMBER

Internet Retailer’s most anticipated issue of the year. The issue explores the retailers leading the industry when it comes to their business model, design, marketing, content, technology and more. The issue also highlights the fastest-growing retailers in key categories, such as apparel and home goods.

What’s in store for e-retailing in 2019? DECEMBER
This special issue will summarize the key e-commerce developments of 2018 and project what they mean for 2019. Articles will draw on Internet Retailer research data and reporting to document the key shifts in online sales, marketing, website and mobile app innovations, and more. Retails, analysts and other e-commerce specialists will offer their views on what the marketplace shifts of 2018 mean for how retailers and brands should be setting digital priorities for 2019.

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Special Digital Editions

—  2018 Tech Focus Reports   —

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Internet Retailer's Tech Focus Reports run in Internet Retailer Magazine®, on the website and promoted in the Learning Lab newsletter. These technology reports deliver thought leadership, extended exposure and leads via online presence and newsletters.

Holiday Lessons Learned
Shoptalk: Featured Technologies
Payments & Security
IRCE: Featured Technologies
Content Management
Fulfillment & Delivery
Holiday Readiness
E-commerce Platforms
Payment & Fraud
Vendors to the Hot 100 Q&A Digital issue only

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2018 Tech Focus Reports

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Month Trends Marketing Technology Operations Tech Focus Product Showcase Dates
eTail West
Holiday review Personalization E-commerce platform selection guide Fulfillment Holiday lessons learned Personalization Survey
Fulfillment and Delivery
E-commerce Platform

Ad close: 01/12/18
Materials due: 01/19/18

Taking aim at Amazon Top email marketing strategies Turning mobile payments into a competitive advantage Fraud and security strategies Shoptalk: Featured Tech
Payments & Security
Fraud and Security
Email Marketing

Ad close: 02/05/18
Materials due: 02/12/18

IRCE 2018
What's coming up at IRCE 2018? Smarter search marketing Order management in an omnichannel world Making web and mobile sites fast & reliable IRCE Featured Technologies
Content Management
IRCE Preview
Order Management
Search Marketing

Ad close: 04/06/18
Materials due: 04/13/18

IRCE 2018
W-T-W Program
Online marketplaces Social media marketing evolves The latest analytics advances State of the art fraud prevention Fulfillment & Delivery Fraud Protection
Social Media Marketing
AI Tools

Ad close: 05/07/18
Materials due: 05/14/18

eTail East 2018
How to prepare for holiday 2018 Putting marketing automation to work Customer service Optimizing warehousing for the holidays Holiday Readiness Holiday Warehouse Strategy
Marketing Automation
Customer Service

Ad close: 07/11/18
Materials due: 07/18/18

B2BNext 2018
The hottest digitally native retailers Customer segmentation strategies Content management Fulfillment E-Commerce Platforms 3PL's
Drop Shipping
Content Management
Customer Segmentation

Ad close: 08/07/18
Materials due: 08/14/18

Brands' direct-to-consumer strategies Marketing across sales channels Advances in e-commerce platforms Shipping strategies for the holidays Omnichannel
Payment & Fraud
E-commerce Platforms
Global E-commerce Marketing

Ad close: 09/07/18
Materials due: 09/14/18