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Special Topic Report

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What’s in store for e-retailing in 2019? December

This special issue will summarize the key e-commerce developments of 2018 and project what they mean for 2019. Articles will draw on Internet Retailer research data and reporting to document the key shifts in online sales, marketing, website and mobile app innovations, and more. Retails, analysts and other e-commerce specialists will offer their views on what the marketplace shifts of 2018 mean for how retailers and brands should be setting digital priorities for 2019. Sponsorship Details

Research Strategy & Key Findings Report

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Guide to Website Design December

This report provides a detailed analysis of the leading trends in retail website design. It’s packed with expert design critiques of top e-retail sites, tips from design professionals, and data on the design features of North America’s Top 500 e-retail sites, including the names of the design vendors they use. The report also includes an exclusive survey on what consumers are looking for today in web and mobile sites they want to shop, and key features that could make the difference in closing a sale. Sponsorship Details

E-Commerce Editorial Report

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday December

Internet Retailer's editors will provide real-time reporting on sales for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, including "Cyber Five" coverage, the period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. This data-filled exclusive report will recap the winners and losers from the peak of the 2018 holiday season, the big strategic shifts and the lessons retailers can learn for the rest of the season and for 2019. Sponsorship Details

Sponsored Tech Focus Reports

Internet Retailer's Tech Focus Reports run in Internet Retailer Magazine®, on the website and promoted in the Learning Lab newsletter.
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Omnichannel October

Highlighting the omnichannel strategies and technologies that merchants are employing to cater to the cross-channel shoppers. Sponsorship Details

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Payments & Fraud October

Examining the ever-changing fraud techniques criminals are using to compromise e-commerce sites, as well as the tools that retailers are using to fight back. Sponsorship Details

Internet Retailer Magazine

The Supreme Court overturned Quill, now what happens?

  — Looking abroad for growth
  — Amazon goes after home goods
  — Fraud shifts online
  — Understanding (and marketing) to a niche audience
  — Values-based shopping
  — Sponsored report: Omnichannel, Payment & Fraud
  — Product showcase: E-commerce Platforms, Global E-commerce Marketing